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Security labels

Billions of euros are lost in worldwide commercial trading every year through counterfeit and pirated products. Diagramm Halbach supplies the systems that meet your requirements from a single source; systems that enable you to monitor and trace products throughout the entire supply chain by means of unique security features.

Encrypted codes give security labels a digital fingerprint, which offers a means of tracking the supply chain or verifying a product in the Internet or using a smart phone.

Used in conjunction with preprinted security features, taggants, security inks or holograms, such labels provide all-round protection for a product and permit a combination of such objectives as traceability and authentication.

Diagramm Halbach offers comprehensive advice in this respect and complete solutions from a single source.

Product portfolio – Security labels

  • Hologram labels

  • Visa stickers

  • Guarantee seals

  • Closure seals

  • Tax strips

  • Calibration marks and test seals

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