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Is it possible to validate thermal paper tickets?

Only a few combinations of specific types of thermal paper and suitable print ribbons have the properties required to ensure durable validation. We would be happy to give you advice regarding the right print ribbon for your validator system and possible ways of preventing forgery in the context of ticket validation.

How durable is thermal printing on tickets?

The durability (long-term archivability) of thermal paper depends on the type of thermal coating used to a great extent. Under ideal conditions, the thermal paper used for tickets is highly durable and demonstrates good resistance to environmental influences. Such paper may be archived for more than 10 years if stored properly.

What influences should thermal paper tickets not be exposed to?

Thermal printing may fade under certain conditions. Contact with the plasticisers in leather products and clear plastic folders presents particular problems in this respect. Thermal paper tickets must also be kept away from creams, fat, grease and direct sunlight.  We can also supply matching holders, which are guaranteed to be free of plasticisers.

How can thermal paper tickets be protected against chemical manipulation?

There are various different ways to prevent the manipulation of tickets by means of chemical substances. Dual layer thermal paper (double thermal coating provides particularly good protection against manipulative influences) and planchettes, which bleed when they come into contact with chemicals and make a forgery attempt immediately obvious, are solutions that have proved very expedient.

To what extent is thermal paper harmless to the environment and human health?

Thermal paper is a type of coated paper that is used in many everyday applications. These include receipts, bank statements, lottery tickets, admission tickets and, of course, tickets for public transport. Thermal paper is disposed of as household waste and, according to the health authorities, does not present any risk to health. Apart from this, all of our high-quality ticket papers are  free of bisphenol A.

Can tickets be manufactured as carbon-neutral products?

Yes, Diagramm Halbach offer customers complete compensation for the CO2 emissions produced in connection with the ticket manufacturing process. This includes the entire value-added chain, from manufacturing the base paper, via the ticket production process, right through to the logistics.

Do thermal papers containing bisphenol A give cause for concern? Are there any alternatives?

Thermal papers are based on a variety of developer chemicals, including bisphenol A. According to current studies carried out by the World Health Organization, there is no reason to classify the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and being potentially harmful. If the use of BPA as a constituent substance gives any cause for concern, BPA-free thermal papers can also be used for all applications.

Which barcode types can be used on tickets?

Linear barcodes (e.g. Code 128), matrix (2D) barcodes and binary barcodes may be used on tickets as a matter of principle. Furthermore, the static or dynamic printing of plain numbers on tickets is also possible. Diagramm Halbach's labelling technique generates barcodes that are resistant to heat and moisture, eliminating the frequently encountered problem of the barcode rubbing off onto the face of the ticket.

What is the difference between Eco and Top Coat thermal papers?

Unlike Eco thermal papers, Top Coat thermal papers have a protective coating that helps to protect the thermal layer against environmental influences (plasticizers, sunlight, oil, fat and grease). Top Coat thermal papers can be archived for much longer than Eco thermal papers as a rule. However, Top Coat papers cannot usually be validated.

What is the ideal combination of security features?

In each case, the ideal combination of security features is established by weighing the risks against the customer's willingness to pay. A high level of forgery protection is not necessarily expensive. A very high degree of security can be achieved by the intelligent use of security printing options, without incurring any great expense.

What can be done to solve the problem of static electricity building up in ticket vending machines?

Static electricity may build up in ticket vending machines under certain climatic conditions (in spite of them being grounded). This static charge can interfere with the ticket feed mechanism. Frequently encountered problems can be solved by applying a special surface coating to the ticket rolls to minimize the build-up of static electricity in the automatic system.

What are the ideal storage conditions for thermal paper tickets?

Under ideal conditions, rolls of thermal paper tickets should be stored at a temperature of 20 to 22 °C with a relative humidity between 50 and 55 %. Customers are welcome to use our air-conditioned security storage facilities to ensure optimum storage conditions for their ticket rolls.

Which printing technique should be used in the production of tickets?

According to the equipment manufacturers, offset printing techniques should be used to produce tickets as these high-quality printing processes only require very small quantities of ink. Considerably fewer cases of soiling and system failures occur where offset printing techniques are used to produce tickets rather than flexographic printing processes.

Which forgery scenarios should a ticket be protected against?

There are a number of different forgery and fraudulent practices that should be taken into consideration when devising the security concept for a ticket. These include mechanical and chemical manipulation, forgery in connection with ticket validation, copying and scanning and complete ticket reproduction.  
Which special qualities of thermal paper must be taken into consideration when ticket holders are used?
The transparent foils normally used to produce ticket holders contain plasticizers. These plasticizers have a highly detrimental effect on thermal printing and cause the printed text to fade prematurely. Special plasticizer-free ticket holders should therefore be used. We would be happy to advise you on the correct use of ticket holders.

What must be taken into consideration when choosing thermal paper?

The chosen thermal paper must be compatible with the respective thermal printer and the intended purpose (single or multiple journeys, monthly ticket, validation etc.). The image technology for thermal printing is inherent to the paper and good legibility, a high level of security and durability of the printed result can only be assured if the right thermal paper is chosen. Our close cooperation with the equipment manufacturers enables us to use the best possible paper for every ticket system.

Which thermal paper is recommended for ticket applications?

We always recommend the paper that is most suitable for your print products and requirements. We would be happy to advise you in person and lend you our support with a sound basis for our recommendations in the form of laboratory test results and data sheets.

Can hologram strips damage my ticket printer?

We only use hologram foils and printing inks that have been developed and tested for thermal printing applications to ensure maximum durability of your print products. Although it goes without saying that print products are and will continue to be subject to wear and tear, our products offer you a means of achieving maximum durability.

What must be taken into consideration when purchasing tickets?

Apart from the technical attributes of these products, the fact that tickets are also negotiable documents must also be taken into consideration. Diagramm Halbach is a security printing house that has been certified in accordance with international standards. As far as our customers are concerned, this means a high degree of security as all processes – from data handling, production and storage, right through to the destruction of production waste – take place under strictly supervised, documented conditions.

Can a consignment of tickets be broken down into several call-off deliveries?

Yes, we would be happy to store the required quantities in our air-conditioned security storage facility. Apart from this, we also offer logistics services, such as direct delivery to the places of use or a lettershop service for student passes or monthly tickets.

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