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Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001

Diagramm Halbach's quality management system has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 international standard for many years now. The company has its own testing laboratory, which monitors compliance with product specifications from the incoming goods inspection right through to application tests on original systems. Diagramm Halbach has become one of the equipment manufacturers' preferred development partners thanks to this professional and demanding standard of quality

Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001

Certified in accordance with ISO 14001, Diagramm Halbach's environmental management system endorses a corporate philosophy that is based on sustainability and a high level of environmental awareness. The certification process requires complete documentation and a comprehensive analysis of the environmental relevance of every process.Resource and energy efficiency improvement measures, material recycling and optimized disposal processes are the building blocks that make up Diagramm Halbach's environmental management system.

Energiemanagement nach ISO 50001

Im Rahmen des nach ISO 50001 zertifizierte Energiemanagementsystem von Diagramm Halbach unterliegt der Energie- und Ressourceneinsatz dem kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozess. Die systematische Erhebung und Bewertung unserer Energiekennzahlen schafft ein hohes Maß an Transparenz über die Effizienz unserer Prozesse.

FSC® certification

Diagramm Halbach has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and is therefore entitled to use paper from responsible forest management.

Climate-neutral printing

Diagramm Halbach holds a certificate for climate-neutral printing awarded by the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm) within the framework of its climate initiative. All of the CO2 emissions produced throughout the entire manufacturing and supply chain can be compensated by means of climate certificates. Carbon emissions can only be offset against climate protection projects that have been certified in accordance with "The Gold Standard". 

ProcessStandard Offset in accordance with ISO 12647

Fogra has certified Diagramm Halbach as a quality printing house in accordance with the requirements of ISO 12647. The ProcessStandard Offset (PSO) describes an industrially oriented, standardized procedure for the production of print products. The PSO covers the entire print product manufacturing process – from data acquisition through to the finished product. The standard describes appropriate testing equipment and control methods, which are used to monitor, control and test manufacturing processes. 


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