Tickets und Sicherheitsdruck

  • Tickets are negotiable documents.

    Professional concepts enable

    reliable protection against forgery.

  • Precision in paper -

    made possible by state-of-the-art

    printing and processing.

  • Designing security:

    setting high standards for innovative

    layout and prepress solutions

  • Prepress perfection:

    secure right down to the minutest detail

  • Reliability:

    a trademark of Diagramm Halbach

    for more than 180 years.

In its capacity as a certified security printing house, Diagramm Halbach develops and manufactures tickets for public transport, admission tickets and car park tickets, lottery tickets and special thermal paper products.

A high level of design expertise during the prepress stage is combined with state-of-the-art offset printing capacity to produce highly secure solutions for product and trademark protection, document security and security labels.