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Secure documents

Documents published by government authorities and institutions are subject to particularly stringent quality and security requirements. Complex security layouts offer a highly efficient, cost-effective means of protecting revenue stamps, visa stickers, identity cards, certificates, testimonials, security forms and coupons against forgery and copying. There are many different techniques that can be used to protect sensitive documents against manipulation and fraudulent use.

The crucial element is combining these with one another to produce a reliable solution that is tailored to meet the specific demands of everyday use; a secure, innovative solution, which satisfies the statutory requirements for document security and authenticity.

Erasable inks may be used in order to reveal any attempt to tamper with a document (chemical or mechanical erasure). With this security printing technique, the fine relief structure in the background is no longer visible if the document has been tampered with. Customer-specific embossing tools can be used to imprint logos or other elements with a special hologram film to produce what is referred to as a holomark. Optically variable inks (OVI®) change colour when viewed from a different angle or through a checking foil or in the light of a test lamp.

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