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Diagramm Halbach's environmental management system certified in accordance with ISO 14001

November 2013 saw Diagramm Halbach successfully completing the procedure for certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems. General manager Philipp Halbach regards this step as being the logical further development of a corporate philosophy based on sustainability and a high level of environmental awareness: "This certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard attests to our concentrated efforts to analyse the environmental relevance of every single process throughout the company and to permanently improve the environmental performance of our products." After more than a year's preparation, the successful outcome of the environmental certification procedure provided substantiation for the complete documentation of all processes, from materials management via all stages of production, right through to administration.

Resource and energy efficiency improvement measures, material recycling and optimized disposal processes are the building blocks that make up Diagramm Halbach's environmental management system. Drawn up once a year, an environmental report enables a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of implemented environmental protection measures. Diagramm Halbach uses a catalog of ecological objectives to accelerate a continuous improvement process, which sets new standards for improving material consumption and energy input and will continue to do so in the future.

General manager Philipp Halbach sees the certification process as an opportunity to give a strategic approach the binding character that it needs: "Diagramm Halbach has voluntary taken on the most stringent certification requirements that can be imposed with respect to quality, safety, security and environmental protection and the company's compliance has been affirmed by means of external audits." Apart from the environmental management certificate, Diagramm Halbach also holds a certificate for climate-neutral printing. "This offers our customers a means of having their products printed without leaving a CO2 footprint," Halbach explains the importance of this measure. "People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of products and processes. The CO2 emissions produced throughout the entire manufacturing and supply chain can be compensated by means of climate certificates."

Diagramm Halbach is a family-owned business that can look back over more than 180 years of company history. Philipp Halbach, who runs the business today as the sixth generation of the family, sees the company's claim to innovation confirmed by the marked emphasis placed on its concern for the environment: "Our conception of ourselves as a future-oriented company with tradition gives us the incentive to continue being sensitive to our customers' expectations." With its environmental protection certificates, Diagramm Halbach is again playing a pioneering role in terms of sustainability and climate protection.

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